What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of low impact exercise with a focus on strengthening muscles and improving posture, alignment and core stability. It uses slow, precise movements, combined with controlled breathing. The technique was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s and was originally designed to help train dancers and performers in New York. Today millions of people benefit from the safe, medically approved exercise which provides the benefits of strengthening, toning, relieving stress and reducing the risk of injury.

What is the link between Pilates and Physiotherapy?

There is a strong relationship between Pilates and Physiotherapy, with the exercises having a proven affect on patients’ rehabilitation, particularly with regards to back and neck pain.
The core stability training associated with Pilates is fantastic for strengthening the stabilising muscles around the core and correcting any weaknesses and imbalances. This means that it can help to prevent spinal misalignment, poor posture and unnecessary injuries to the lower back.

Is Pilates right for you?

Whether your back pain is caused by bad postural habits such as slouching, or from an injury to the spine or muscles of the back, there is a good chance that Pilates can help with your recovery. It is suitable for both those with a sedentary lifestyle and people who are very active.

It is vital to have a correct diagnosis before starting a Pilates exercise plan. This will help to determine whether Pilates is right for you and which particular exercises will be most beneficial for your condition. A qualified and experienced Pilates teacher will be able to advise you on which exercises should be practiced and ensure that you perform them correctly in order to achieve maximum benefit and avoid aggravating your injury.

Introducing Jane Cox
Jane is one of the Physiotherapists here at Elizabeth Webster Physiotherapy. As well as having vast experience in treating a range of conditions such as shoulders, lower limb and spinal issues, Jane is a fully qualified Pilates instructor. She trained with the Australian Pilates and Physiotherapy Institute and teaches all aspects of Pilates, including Neurological conditions, Ante and Postnatal and has recently trained in Barre Pilates.
When treating patients, Jane uses a combination of joint mobilisation, soft tissue techniques and electrotherapy, along with specific rehabilitation exercises to help achieve the best results for her patients. Jane is a strong believer in the benefit of Pilates with regards to rehabilitation and maintaining core strength in order to avoid future injury.

For further advice on how Physiotherapy and Pilates could help you, please contact Elizabeth Webster Physiotherapy on 01423 884162.

For information on Pilates classes, please contact Jane Cox at janecox@innercore-harrogate.co.uk