Is Gardening Dangerous?Is gardening dangerous

Gardening can be one of the great pleasures of life, but not if it prevents you from admiring the fruits of your labours by causing one of the following:

Tennis Elbow
Neck pain Back Pain Harrogate
Acute low back pain
Tendonitis in the shoulders
Housemaids Knee

Is gardening dangerous?

Help is at hand
to prevent or reduce the likelihood of any of these conditions spoiling your Summer in the garden, and my tips (some of which were learned the hard way!), are as follows:

1) Pace yourself. Don’t try to do too much in one session.
2) Use long handled tools, stooping increases pressure on your lower back discs four fold.
3) Use a pad to kneel on, to prevent Housemaids Knee.
4) Rotate jobs, eg  using secateurs for long periods can cause Tennis Elbow. After 20mins, do something else eg a spot of weeding.
5) Work at waist height when possible, use a table to pot on seedlings.
6) Only fill your watering can half full.
7) Cutting high hedges,or using loppers, can cause neck pain, and having your arms above shoulder height can aggravate the tendons in the shoulders.
8) Know your limits. If you must carry bags of compost, lift correctly: bend knees, keep your back straight. Or use a wheelbarrow.
9) Only use your Hover mower back and forth, as sweeping side to side causes torsion on the joints of your spine, which can result in severe pain by the following day.
10) Most importantly, stop BEFORE pain comes on. Change position every 20mins, make a cup of tea, stand back and admire your handywork for a few moments, anything to completely change your posture.

If, despite your best efforts you have overdone things in the garden, we can help. Call for an appointment

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